Bespoke Customisation

Customised Trainers, Bags and Accessories
by online retailer aiqoi



Create Something Special

Put your own unique twist on your designer handbags, footwear and designer wear by customising them. We work with a range of designers who will be able to alter and modify your item any way you want. Trainers are great to customise and can be painted, laser cut and hand etched. Accessories such as phone cases are another popular product that can be personalised – our designers can apply artwork and even diamonds. Whatever you are looking for, simply send us a message with what you want to customise and we'll respond within the day.




Custom Made

In the future, we will also begin creating custom made products such as bracelets. Check back regularly for updates. Alternatively if you have an idea for a piece and would like to get it made, get in touch with us at Aiqio.

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Send Us An Image Of Your Product

If you'd like to make an enquiry regarding customising one of your products or items, please send us a message using the enquiry form below. You can even add an image of the item to help us feedback!


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